The Brewery

Brewing out of Afro-Caribbean Brewing Company at Banana Jam Cafe in Kenilworth, the Dissident Brewing Company gives a crap about the beer you are drinking. Brewing all-grain since 2006, if I am not brewing beer, drinking beer or teaching about beer, I am probably alseep. I love beer. And I want you to love it, too.

The Beer

We focus on making one beer which will be available at all times, as well as several seasonal or collaboration brews.


Golden colour, brilliant clarity with a rocky white head that lasts until the last sip.


Clean malt flavours balanced with a subtle hoppiness, followed by a smooth bitterness that lingers until you take that next refreshing sip.


Tropical fruit, pine trees and dank hops - a burst of aroma from a 100% Simcoe dry hop


Premium imported malt, a blend of US and UK hops and American-style yeast.


The Outlets

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